Planning Weddings on a Budget: Save Wedding Costs with these Guidelines

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Are you thinking of planning a cheap wedding? Many couples have taken this route to avoid burning their pockets. There are just too many things needed to plan for a standard and pricey wedding. Apart from choosing the most ideal yet affordable wedding packages Brisbane planners offer today, you can get away with a tight budget by paying close attention to the little things.

Here are some ways you can get cheap Brisbane wedding packages and control your wedding costs:

1. Wedding Invitation Cards – Making the cards by yourself can help you save some money. You can print coloured cards at home. Get some friends to help with hand-written cards work beautifully. Give more sense of personal touch.

2. Wedding Gowns – Many brides long for the wedding gowns of their dreams. However, in reality, there is always the budget constraint. You may want to choose a gown that is off-the-rack, meaning that the gowns have been worn before by other brides in the past.

3. Wedding Photographer – Looking for a professional photographer? You can hire one, of course. But only if your budget allows. Aside from getting the Brisbane wedding packages that are of a low cost, you can also book a wedding photographer that is just starting out for a lower talent fee. But of course, your expectation in the quality of the photos has to be kept in check.

4.  Wedding Lunch – Are you planning a sit-down lunch or a buffet style? Why not go potluck and get your aunties to help in coming up with the food since nothing beats home-cooked food. Most wedding packages in Brisbane allow other caterers or bringing personal food, but it depends on the number of guests you are inviting.

5. Wedding Decorations – If you are not artistic, get your friends to help you or surf the internet to get fresh ideas. Just make sure to put your own twists. During your wedding day, no one will really take the time to scrutinize your concept.

The Ideal Wedding Style

You are probably asking yourself: Where do I begin to narrow down my options and choose the right wedding style?

1.  Take a Look at Your Past – Look over all of the landmark events in your relationship. How did you and your fiancé meet? If you met on the beach consider tying the knot on the beach or incorporating beach-themed elements onto the wedding packages Brisbane wide to your reception. If your fiancé proposed in a skating rink, then consider having a winter wedding.

2. Add Your Own Personalities – Incorporate things you like to do for fun. If you and your fiancé like to play poker, have a Las Vegas-themed wedding, or even better, go there and get hitched! Another growing trend is to get married in Disney World, so if you love Mickey Mouse, have your wedding at his house!

3. Think About Your Guests – Your wedding day should be all about you, but when picking a location one of the most important factors to consider are your guests. Most people prefer not to travel these days due to the high costs. Even a location that is only an hour away may put a hole in their pocket because of gasoline prices. Try and opt for a nearby reception venue. If you must pick a faraway location, then offer a carpool to save gas expenses.

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